Violinamore is about showing the story of a piece of music also by taking you along through photography and videography.

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A story is a vivid thing with images, so is music.

The violin is my instrument to tell a story. Think of the bow as my breath. It emphasizes the way I want to tell something.
As a musician I am an interpret and the way I do that, is my way.

Photography and videography are visual means to show a story. Means that bring more definement to it. I’m a newbie there and I have chosen to take you on this journey of progress with me.

Writing is the tasting of words to me. Words as the spices I use to tell my stories. I do this in Dutch as it is my native language and I like to use those words as closest to my feelings.

As a violinist I use my experience of more than 30 years playing on national and international stages with all kind of artists in every kind of music.

2013, Hotel New York Rotterdam, foto: Ruud Breuls

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